Stunning Arched Window Treatments and Extra Long Curtains in Diamond Bar, CA

Here is a stunning luxury curtains project we just completed in Diamond Bar, CA. 

This job was a challenge because of the arched windows and the extra long curtains.  Take a peek and see how we overcame these challenges to create a custom window dressing masterpiece for this beautiful home.

Arched window treatments and extra long curtains in Diamond Bar, CA. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and 25% off with promo code CL01:

(ANAT) Today we are here in diamond bar California, Were here to visit one of our clients who was recommended by a previous client to help create a Curtains & Valence window treatments.
(STEVE) Thanks Anat, yeah the house looks quite beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, we have some arch windows that we are planning on dressing up today with crystal drapery hardware pieces embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. These are somewhat challenging because they are extra long curtains however though we think we came up with a design that we think is going to look really, really beautiful as we create these exquisite window treatments with the use of Swarovski crystal elements. (ANAT) It sounds so exciting, I can’t wait to see it !
(STEVE) Hi Dr. Wilson!
(ANAT) Hi Mr. Wilson, How are you? (Dr. Wilson) Good, Good. How are you? (STEVE) I’m great (STEVE) So what I think we ought to do I think we ought to start over here on this side and put the Swarovski element embellished French scrolls down and then we will go ahead and do the second scroll over the second window.. I think we’re good what do you guys think?
(ANAT) I think lets go ahead and create these window coverings.
(STEVE) What do you think? Sounds like a plan right?
(ANAT) So the job has gotten started the guys are working on the curtain designs right now, they are preparing the window dressing by mounting the drapery hardware and what we are creating are, me and Steve are demonstrating the scarf swag and/or scarf valance
(STEVE) Yeah we started doing the scarf swags, we started putting them on the wires and we started scarfing them now and they look really really nice. I’m planning on having seven pleats coming out of this and it looks very nice so far.
(STEVE) So I’d like to go ahead and show you what we we’ve done with your new designer curtains, why don’t we go ahead and look at it and see what the guys have put up.
(Mrs. Wilson) WOW, that’s gorgeous, oh my goodness… that’s beautiful, (oooh) (Friend) Look at it with all the Swarovski crystals up there
(Mrs. Wilson) I know it’s just absolutely stunning!
(ANAT) Dr. Wilson I want to start by acknowledging you and telling you thank you for having us at your house today and by giving us the opportunity to create exquisite window treatments for you… number 1 is how did you find us?
(Mrs. Wilson) Um, I found you through a friend of mine, and you guys did work for her. Then when you guys came here and I saw the types of Swarovski elements and ornaments you use and the drapes and fabrics, I just have never seen anything like it. Everything just went totally well and I’m very pleased and I can’t believe how gorgeous they are. Beautiful everything is beautiful.
(ANAT) So would you recommend us to friends and family?
(Mrs. Wilson) Absolutely, absolutely, and your mission is accomplished, because everything is just fabulous. I can’t express it enough it’s just beautiful..
(Steve) This is another job done by galaxy design, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you DR. Wilson to allow us to contribute to your life and your house is quite exquisite and thank you again for having us here and taking care of your house here for you.

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