Window Treatment Ideas – Luxury Interior Design Consultation in Long Beach, CA

Take a sneak peek at our design consultation process. This is how you create the perfect look in your home every time!

Window Treatment Ideas – Luxury Interior Design Consultation in Long Beach, CA Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and 25% off with promo code CL01:

{Mallie} Hi, my name is Mallie Messri and I’m a realtor and interior design consultant. I work as a consultant to the Galaxy-Design team and today Steve has asked me to join him.

{Steve} Yes. Thanks Mallie. We are here at Mrs. Alloua’s home in Long Beach and we are committed to make a huge contribution to her home by creating some exquisite window treatments.

{Mallie} So why don’t we go inside and meet our client?

{Steve} Sounds like a plan, let’s do it.

{Steve} Thanks again for having us at your place. I certainly appreciate it. Your house is very beautiful and I see that you are in the process of remodeling it.

{Mrs. Alloua} Yes.

{Steve} And from what I understand you are planning on redoing the floors and you just painted the walls but you would possibly consider repainting the walls is this correct?

{Mrs. Alloua } Yes because I’m not too sure about the white.

{Steve} Wonderful. So why don’t you tell us about what you would like to see. What would you like to do with the house?

{Mrs. Alloua } I just want to be able to see that whatever I put in here can stand out. I can show you the furniture I have in here now but I’m lost, I don’t know what I can put in here now to make it look nice. And you are the expert, I’m pretty sure you can help me.

{Steve} OK, wonderful. My commitment to you is to create truly exquisite window treatments and take your house up to a whole new level of luxury and interior design.

{Mrs. Alloua } Thank you.

{Steve} This is a good choice and we are also going to look at some drapery fabrics and see what feeling we want to create. We don’t want it to be too flashy, we want it to be more calm. That looks nice, that looks very, very nice. Now for the top window treatment we can come in and introduce a little more gold or we may want to stay in the whites. That’s probably where I would consider bringing the white drapery fabrics in.

{Mrs. Alloua } That’s the color of my furniture right?

{Steve} Right. You’re not going to be putting much furniture in there right? Other than the rug and the couches.

{Mrs. Alloua } Yes the couches will go in there.

{Steve} Beautiful, that’s perfect. I think this one really would be quite beautiful with that.

{Mrs. Alloua} Oh my gosh that’s beautiful. I love it!

{Steve} Sounds like a plan. It looks like we’ve got something here.

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