Designer Window Treatments – Luxurious Curtains and Drapes Ideas in Newport Coast, CA

Take a peek at how Steve and the Galaxy-Design team dressed the windows of this breathtaking Southern California home!

Designer Window Treatments – Luxurious Curtains and Drapes Ideas in Newport Coast, CA.

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{Steve} Today I’m here in Newport Coast California. This client of ours happened to be a referral from another client who lives just a couple of blocks away. This house has a very traditional flair to it. We are working on the master bedroom and the clients have requested for us to do something in a modern classic style so I have chosen to go ahead and use our Swarovski crystal drapery hardware collection.

We are going to do something very exquisite for them. We were here last week, took the drapes down and today we are going to go ahead and put the drapes up. So the job is now complete. The guys have gone ahead and dressed up the room.

They have steamed out everything and the window dressings look phenomenal.

{Mrs. Chung} What you’ve done and what you’ve brought to the house really enhanced my house. I am very happy. I am very, very happy with the job it is beautiful. And my husband likes it too.

{Steve} Thank you very much. I just have a question for you. Why did you chose our company over others?

{Mrs. Chung} First of all, I have a friend who already had some work done with you and I thought it was beautiful when I saw her house in person. Then I checked on your website and saw the other beautiful jobs so I said this is it for me.

{Steve} So here is another job completed by Galaxy-Design’s remarkable team. If you would like to schedule your in-home design consultation, just visit our website. Thank you!

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