Luxurious custom window treatments video testimonial in the Hollywood Hills

In this short video we showcase the luxurious window dressings we created for another happy client in her beautiful Hollywood Hills home.

Luxurious custom window treatment ideas | Decorative draperyhardware testimonial for the Hollywood Hills | Galaxy-Design. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and 25% off with promo code CL01:
Covered in this video:
– Curtains and Drapes Ideas
– Swags examples
– Crystal Holdbacks
– Window treatments
– Luxurious custom window coverings
– Galaxy-Design
– Decorative drapery hardware
– Draperies
– Drapery Sheers
– Window treatment styles
– Curtain Rods
– Unique window treatments
– Creative window treatments
– Crystal Drapery Hardware
– Corner Windows
Galaxy-Design I know from a long time ago like about 10-12 years ago I was Steve’s customer and I was enjoying his work.  This is the time that I needed to change for new curtains so right now the only place that I was thinking of was Expression Décor. 
So I didn’t even go anywhere else, I just went straight to him.  I imagined something about how I wanted my room to become and it became more than I was imagining actually.
He was very helpful, he came to my home with a lot of designs and a lot of colors and materials with him.
And right now you can see that my home became very beautiful.  Very nice and cheerful and elegant.
All my family and friends are very happy to see the work that I did and they are going to go to him also when the time comes. 
I can recommend to anyone Galaxy-Design because they are the only one that I can recommend to anybody. 
As time goes by and maybe in the future if I need to change the whole thing again I’m going to go back there again for sure, 100%.
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By the way, if you really want to dress your windows and not just cover them, visit our site:  and use promo code CL01 to receive 25% off your online order!

Galaxy Design

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