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Galaxy-Design Releases New YouTube Video In Innovative Window Treatments Design Series

For Immediate Release
Galaxy-Design Releases New YouTube Video In Innovative Window Treatments Design Series
Galaxy-Design would like to announce the release of a new video in their acclaimed window treatments design series.  The video teaches homeowners the correct technique for placing draperypanels on a holdback.  It was released in response to a question from a prospective customer, who wanted to know more about the correct ways to use holdbacks with drapery panels.  In the short DIYdrapes tutorial, Steve Messri, president of Galaxy-Design shows how to easily hold and place the fabric so that the end result is both secure and aesthetically pleasing.
The Galaxy-Design channel on Youtube currently features over forty videos that show customers how to complete short, DIY design projects in just a few minutes time.  The purpose of the videos is to teach ordinary people how to create luxurious window treatment designs for their own homes.  With the information, ideas and instruction available through the channel, anyone can easily plan and install creative window treatments for their living spaces. 
As part of their continuing commitment to bring not only the best design information and tutorials to prospective customers, but also quality window treatment packages for sale, Galaxy-Design is currently offering a special 20% promotional discount to customers who place an order through the link provided on their videos.  Their website,, features dozens of window treatment sets of various styles and colors, including silk, linen, and even velvet panels with luxurious crystal drapery hardware included.  There is always something available to match a home’s decor.  Additionally, drapery hardware such as crowns, holdbacks, and scrolls are available for individual purchase, for those who wish to experiment with different fabrics and hardware combinations. 
Customers are urged to take advantage of this limited time offer, which can result in dramatic savings for all sets and combos purchased for windows in the home.  By following the video tutorials and using sets purchased from the company website, one can easily upgrade the look and feel of their home with a quick weekend home improvement project.  With the special promotional code CL01, customers can also shave twenty percent off the total purchase price.  For additional DIY tutorials, to place an order, or to learn more about the various products sold, visit the Galaxy-Design Youtube channel or their website at 
Media contact:
Steve Messri
Galaxy Design
Los Angeles, CA

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Swag Curtains – How to hold swag curtains in place

Learn how to hold swag curtains in place in this short video.



Swag Curtains – How to hold swag curtains in place. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and 20% off with promo code CL01:

Steve: When it comes to swaging the fabrics, how to old them in place is always the question. This is one of the reasons why all of our packages come with zip locks. Zip locks seem to make things really quite easy. Once you have gathered everything up all you have to do is wrap a zip lock around it, and then just slip it over the arm. Now that I have made the swag curtains all I need to do is simply add another zip lock, create a loop between the two, and once I have done so all I do is just rest it on my holdback.

Covered in this video:

– Do it yourself drapes
– How to make swag curtains
– How to hang a swag curtain
– DIY drapes tutorial
– Swag curtains for the living room
– Swag valance curtains
– Galaxy-Design
– Fishtail swag curtains
– Draperies
– Swag curtains
– Window treatment style ideas
– Contemporary window treatments
– Modern window treatments
– Creative swag curtains
– Swag curtains ideas

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