Video #61: Dressing Up Ebanos Crossing in Downtown Los Angeles: Cocktail Lounge
via IFTTTGalaxy Designs’ Innovative Design Series: Dressing Up Ebanos Crossing in Downtown Los Angeles. Commercial Job.
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Hi, my name is Drew Jacobson. I’m a partner here at Ebanos Crossing cocktail club in downtown los angeles. I decided to reach out to Galaxy Design because we needed some curtains for the venue add a little more atmosphere and texture and I was a referral through a good friend of ours. And so we talked with Galaxy Design and we felt like they were the perfect fit for the job.
This job did require to have accurate measurements. This is why we have to come back the second time again to make sure things are going to go well. They do have some sort of dancers that are coming off the ceiling. And there’s a hook up there where we hooked up to it and we put the bars together with the extension and the center support mounting up to the ceiling since this is an opening. And it looks really great. I think the guys are doing a great job. Let’s go ahead and take a look and see what’s going on.
Hello everyone, we’re back at Ebanos in downtown Los Angeles. Definitely the spot to be. This is one of the most entertaining places that is located right here in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and we had the honor of going ahead and taking care of this client. By providing them these beautiful draperies behind me. That are done in gorgeous red. And the idea was to go ahead and split up the room and be able to provide two spaces for them. So they can have two events going on at the same time. So we were definitely able to do that. It was kind of unique because we had to use these rods that were sustained from the ceiling and they only had two towers holding them. So we did have to come back the second time around because the client wanted the drapes to drag on the floor rather than just touching the floor. Which is of course what we would want to do is make sure our clients are 100% satisfied. I’m very pleased, my vision is exactly the way I had anticipated. And it turned out beautiful. I’d like to go ahead and hear from our clients and hear what they have to say. So let’s go ahead and find out what they have to say about it.
So Ebanos happens to be one of the most happening places in downtown Los Angeles. I know you guys got the best place in LA, you got a lot of entertainment going on. You’ve got a lot of celebrities that come in and I understand you’ve also got a lot of shooting as well. You’re renting out the place. So how has the experience been working with us Andrew?
Oh! It’s been fantastic! Everything from start to finish. Being able to conceptualize things and coming in as far as measurements and just being able to work with us. It’s been fantastic.
Awesome awesome. Well its been really a pleasure for us being able to serve you. And I think we got what we were after. Definitely. I’m so glad and the colors really worked out well with the red and black. The gold would’ve been a little bit much, but I’m glad we talked out of the gold and sticked with the red. Definitely. awesome awesome.
Well thank you very much it’s been really a pleasure. We look forward to serving you again, and your friends and all the celebrities that come into Ebanos.
We’ll pass it along. We’ll spread the good word.
Allright. Thank you so much guys. Thank you very much.

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