Dressing Up a Night Club In Downtown Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Drew Jacobson. I’m a partner here at Ebanos Crossing cocktail club in downtown Los Angeles. I decided to reach out to Galaxy Design because we needed some curtains for the venue to add a little more atmosphere and texture and I was a referred through a good friend of ours. And so we talked with Galaxy Design and we felt like they were the perfect fit for the job. Take a peek at what Galaxy-Design was able to create for Ebanos Crossing in this short video…

http://ift.tt/1D2lss2 Feel free to share this using the links below or click to tweet. If you’d like to purchase the draperies or hardware featured in this video, you can do so by clicking here. Use PROMO CODE CL02 for free shipping on your order.

You can also view the latest Galaxy-Design press release HERE.


Modern Window Curtains Ideas | #Curtains #Drapes #Homedecor #Valance #Curtainsonline http://ift.tt/1KvhlFA

via Blogger http://ift.tt/16kY5Nr

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