Window Treatments for French Doors | French Door Curtain Ideas from Galaxy-Design | Video #86
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Refer as Video #86

Steve: Welcome to Galaxy-Design’s innovative design series. I am so pleased to be here today in Azusa and we are working with one of our clients who is the sister to another client who lives nearby in the Leverne area.

We completed her work last week and she was so impressed that she had us come out and take care of her French door curtains.

We will be working in the living room and dining area today which includes picture windows and window treatments for French doors.

It’s a beautiful home with a very Mediterranean look. And the designs that we will be doing are going to be exquisite, and stunning all around.

So I’m looking forward to showing you how it’s all going to go so why don’t you follow me into the home.

We thought that the dining room would be a good place to start dressing the windows. What we are doing today with the French door curtains is part of our Ariana collection. This drapery fabric is very, very exquisite and it has a very nice overlay of embroidery.

The style we are using for the window treatments for French doors is called the tap top collection.
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