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How to Keep Drapes From Getting Stuck On the Rod

Are your curtains sticking? This short tips video will show you how to keep your curtains flowing smoothly for years to come…

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Apartment Window Treatments – Inspiration for your Apartment Windows

In this short video we show you ideas for luxurious window treatments in your Apartment.

Apartment Window Treatments – Inspiration for your apartment windows. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and receive 20% off with promo code KT01:

Steve: Hello everyone, Steve Messri here from Galaxy Design. Welcome to another episode of our innovative design series. I am standing outside of Gladys’ home today. She has an apartment upstairs that we’re going to be dressing up and I’m looking forward to sharing with you what our product could look like in any given space. So follow me up and I’m going to show you how things look like.

Gladys: Good morning Steve

Steve: Good morning. Good to see you.

Gladys: Good to see you too.

Steve: We’re here to put the drapes up for you today.

Gladys: I’m so excited about it.

Steve: So are we. Looking forward to seeing how things work out.

Gladys: That’s great. Come In.

Steve: So I chose this collection today because as you can see behind me the wall, is a venetian plaster wall, its done in gold. We also have furniture that are tope, sort of a camel color and the walls that we’re putting these on are all going to be in a white color. These colors are going to compliment the room quite well. This is one of our radiant gold collection and its also going to work with the white swags that we’re going to put up and its also going to really open up the room, that’s the goal. Since its an apartment I just wanted to give it a luxurious look without overwhelming the room so I chose to stay with these colors. The fabric that we’ve chosen for this room is our velvet collection that’s called Pacific. The color on this is tope. The swags are the Tara Ivory colors. I chose these colors because they seem to work really well on the vertical blinds. As you can see on the verticals, we have a dash of brown in there so I wanted to have just something subtle without having too much done in the room. I’m going to go ahead and dress these up and we’re going to continue to dress the room up.

 Steve: So Gladys thank you again for really giving us the opportunity to serve you. I know that you found us through the youtube channel and you came to our showroom and you were looking for window treatments. So I just want to hear from yourself, what has the experience been like and how is it like from before what you had and what you have now. So why don’t you just tell us in your own words, how has it been like for you?

Gladys: You know what I had before, I have no words. I cannot compare the job that Galaxy Design has done for me. So my experience with Galaxy Design, I would say that they exceed my expectations. I’m very pleased for what I have.

Steve: That’s great. So Gladys thank you again for allowing us to serve you and being a contribution to your life. And if you’re interested in these types of window treatments, you can get them in three ways. #1 You can just visit our website and buy the product on its own. #2 Or you can go ahead and choose one of our pre-selected products #3 Or you can go ahead and call us and set up a design consultation for yourself where we come in and take care of everything for you. And just remember we dress windows, not cover them. Contact us now!

Covered in this video:
– How to install apartment window treatments
– Apartment windows
– Window treatments
– Galaxy-Design
– Curtains for apartment windows
– Draperies
– Window coverings
– Window treatment ideas
– Contemporary apartment window treatments
– Unique window treatments
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