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Creative Window Treatments with Swags, Panels and Swarovski Crystal Drapery Hardware

Need Creative Ideas for Your Window Treatments?

In this short video, Galaxy-Design interior designers Steve and Anat Messri show you more Creative Window Treatments as they dress the windows in another beautiful southern California home.
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In this video we’ll be showing you:

– Creative window treatments installation
– Unique window treatments with shutters, blinds, drapes, drapery panels, swags and drapery hardware
– Unique valance ideas with swags, scrolls, crowns and holdbacks
– Unique multi-layer window treatment ideas
– Elegant custom window treatments and interior design for the master bedroom

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Who is Galaxy-Design? At Galaxy-Design our mission is to provide unique custom draperies for anyone who desires to dress their windows not cover them.  For over 36 years we’ve been providing luxurious curtains and drapes for beautiful homes, restaurants, businesses, nightclubs, office buildings, hotels and commercial buildings.

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Steve Messri is known internationally as the Vice President and head interior designer for Galaxy-Design.  He has been featured in over 200 YouTube window treatment and interior design how-to videos, and has designed innovative custom window treatments for thousands of homes over the past 36 years.

Most of all, Steve is loaded with passion. Whether he’s speaking in front of an audience or consulting home owners, Steve gives his heart and soul to make a contribution and help people achieve the results they desire.


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