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DIY Room Décor! DIY Room Decorating Ideas (DIY Wall Décor, Drapes)

Thinking about a drapery DIY project?

Steve and the Galaxy-Design team show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to get the job done right.  Find out how in this short video:

Talk soon,
-The Galaxy-Design team

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How to Maintain and Beautify Your Drapes

Today we are going to show you a few quick tips to make sure your drapes and drapery hardware stay showroom fresh for years to come…

Galaxy Design Presents: How To Maintain and Beautify Your Drapes
We know all of you have invested in your luxurious drapes and so we created this video to give you some tips on how to always keep them brand new!

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Hello everyone I’m Steve. I’m here in the Galaxy Design showroom today. And there’s a lot of you out there always calling me and asking me, Steve how do I go about cleaning my drapes? How do I maintain my hardware? Well I’m going to go ahead and answer all those questions and I’m going to give you some tips along the way.

A lot of you already have our unique crystal drapery hardware. Our goal is to show you how to maintain them and keep that shiny new look forever, just like you originally bought them.

So in order to do this its really simple. All you have to have is just simply a paper towel and some windex. Windex is a good product because it has an ammonia solution to it. There are other products out there in the world that you can use, but this is the one we would recommend. Just make sure that you simply spray onto the towel. And then avoid spraying onto the hardware. Because this will damage the draperies.
So once you have done that. Simply go ahead and wipe down the crystals. And remove all the build up.
Now as you can see, this has not only brought back the shine, but it also brought you the dazzle that will last you forever.

Steve: A lot of you have this type of window dressing, where we have wall draperies with a puddle on the floor. And they’re beautifully dressed. Sometimes you have a house cleaner that comes over and cleans the floor and they just pick up the drapes and throw the puddle as is and leave it alone.

We want to give you tips about how to go about dressing it up and making sure that it all goes back together like it originally left it with. So this is really simple and this is how you go about doing it.
All you have to do is simply go ahead and put some pleats into the drapes by holding your hands on the back of the draperies. So that you can create pleats in the draperies. Once you have done this, then you can just simply pick up the fabric and hold onto the pleats on there. And then with your other hand, roll the excess fabric under them. And then allow the fabric to come down. And then once you have done so, you can simply put your hands on the back of the drapes and go ahead and create those pleats on the back of it. One at a time, holding those pleats in place. And making sure they’re put back together.

Now what I like to do, if I have an excess of fabric, I like to just go ahead and just roll it into the stomach and onto the back of the fabric. And this will create a nice puddle as well as nice pleats. And there it is.
If you want to make it bigger, all you have to do is pull the bottom of it out. This is how simple it is. You get that original dressed look. And one thing I would recommend, is make sure you teach your housekeeper how to do it, so you don’t have to do it!

Covered in this video:

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