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How to Dress Over Window Shades

Have you ever wondered how to bring boring window shades to life?  Take a peek at our new video where Steve shows you how to dress up those tired window shades.

Galaxy Designs’ Innovative Design Series: Dressing over your window shades.
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Refer as Video #57

Welcome to another episode of Galaxy Design Innovative Design Series. This morning I’m here in Upland and we are doing a home here. That a client of ours, her name is Debbie. She found us online. And she saw our work. She invited me over. She said Steve, I gotta have you do this window for me upstairs in the bedroom. So when I looked at the house. I was totally blown away with what she’s done with the house. And it was really an honor for us to do this house for her. And enrich the quality of her life. 

The window that we’re doing is upstairs. And she had already placed some window shades in there. I told her we’re going to leave those alone and we’re just going to dress the windows. Which is what we do best. 
Why don’t you follow me in so we can take a look at the house as well as I’ll show you what we’re doing on those window shades. 

So come on in and lets go ahead and do it.

So in order to dress up those window shades, I have chosen the combinatio of our french scrolls and our venetian combo including our large medallions. For this particular collection we have chosen to go ahead and use them in rusty gold color. Because of the walls being a copperish red. And then we chose to use the CLTC Crystals. 
Which is one of our best crystals out there by swarovski. These Swarovski crystal elements have lots of character and reflect the light really nicely.  And they seem to work really well in this room. 

I’m doing some stripes for the side panels. And I’m going to be doing some of our velvet which is called Pacific Copper. 

And this is the fabric I’m using. The stripe fabric is called Michelle Gold. I think these are going to go really really well in this room.

This window is 64″ in width. I like to mount the scrolls four inches away from the molding which would take it to a 72″ opening. I also have about a foot above the window which is very normal. And I’m going to be mounting the scrolls on either side four inches away from the molding, however though I always like to start from the center of the window. 

This is my favorite part of the entire job is how to go about putting the fabric onto the holdbacks. In order to do that all you have to do is simply use the same technique by holding your hand up here and working your way up. And just simply resting it onto the arms. 

So the job has just now been completed. 
It didn’t take very long to put it up. 

It was very very simple. 
This is one of our french venetian combo that was done is rusty gold color. With the colorado light topaz or the CLTC Swarovski crystals. This really enhanced the look of the room. The striped balanced out the room with the flowers in the room.

The way we dressed up the window shades also accomodated the head board that we have and the motivf that we have in the room. Our designs are very exquisite very easy to put up. 
Or if you choose to go ahead and do it yourself, like I did, it’s no problem.

So we’re going to hear from the client and see what she has to say about it. 

I found Galaxy Design while I was browsing the internet and I cama across this amazing youtube video. And I knew that was the look I was going for to dress up the window shades in my spare bedroom. And so I gave Galaxy a call and they were so pleasant and they came right out to the house. I had an interesting situation because I had a Roman shade that was on the wall already and I didn’t really want to get rid of. And Galaxy was able to design around that. 

And now I have a beautiful entire wall of draperies now around that window and I was able to keep my original Roman Shade which really pleased me. It looks like it is part of the room and it has been there since day one and I am VERY Happy.

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Drapery Hardware for Picture Windows

Need some ideas for that big picture window in your living room?

This post is all about showing you some simple ideas on how you can make a big splash with your picture window treatments by using a simple 5-piece drapery hardware combo.

First things first, what is a drapery hardware combo?  A drapery hardware combo is simply a combination of drapery hardware elements that are put together to form a complete window treatment.

In this post we will take a look at 5-piece combos which consist of a crown, two drapery hardware scrolls and two drapery hardware holdbacks.  The crown sits at the top of the window and each side of the window will have a scroll and holdback each.

Here’s what the combos look like when they are installed:

This is the French Shell 5-piece combo from Galaxy-Design dressing up this living room window.  Notice how the crown is on top and the scrolls and holdbacks border each side of the picture window.

Here is another picture of the French Shell 5-piece combo that was taken in the Galaxy-Design showroom.

This is a closeup of how the panel fabric drapes around the holdback.

Here is a Roman Shell 5-piece combo dressing the picture windows in a very contemporary living room.

Here’s a closer look at the 5-piece drapery hardware combos alone:

Victorian Ivy 5-Piece Combo

French Shell 5-Piece Combo
Roman Shell 5-Piece Combo

Gothic 5-Piece Combo

5-piece combos are a simple and easy DIY project that can add a touch of luxury to picture windows in any room of your home.

Happy dressing!

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