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Simplify Your Life With Automated Drapery Systems

Are you looking for ways to simplify your life?  Do you think it would help if you could control your drapes from the bed, couch or anywhere in the world with the touch of a button?

In this short video, the Galaxy-Design team install and automate the draperies in another gorgeous Southern California home.  

See how the team used cutting edge smart home technology and motorized drapery automation to simplify the lives of a busy family.

Now a dark cozy room for sleeping or a bright warm sunshine filled room to start the day are just an iPad, smart phone or laptop away!

​Click below to watch

Talk soon,
-The Galaxy-Design team

Feel free to share this using the links below or click to tweet. If you’d like to purchase the hardware featured in this video, you can do so by clicking here. Use PROMO CODE CL02 for free shipping on your order.

P.S.  As always, if you would like for us to design your drapes for free, simply email pictures of your windows to:

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